Happy At Work !

The participation of MCA in the largest European study of motivation in the

workplace has been crowned with success :

MCA has been awarded the ChooseMyCompany - HappyIndex® / AtWork label !

The ChooseMyCompany – HappyIndex® / AtWork label is a true recognition of

excellence in the management and the motivation of teams at work. Rated by their

employees through this 100% participative and 100% digital survey, companies are

required to achieve an overall score of at least 3,81/5 and a recommendation rate above

60% to join this year’s exclusive groupof the best companies.

With a massive participation rate of 50%, the teams at MCA gave an overall score of 4/ 5,

to rank MCA among the leading employers according to their employees.

In December, employees had their say and shared their impressions of daily life at MCA

evaluating their experience through 6 dimensions: professional development –

stimulating environment – management – rewards & recognition – pride – pleasure.

The ChooseMyCompany / HappyIndex®AtWork accreditation rewards the particularly

strong performance of MCA in pleasure and professional development !

« MCA is very proud to win the ChooseMyCompany – HappyIndex® / AtWork

label, a testimonial from our teams of the quality of their everyday experience at work. By

participating in this innovative operation, MCA progresses in the management and the

motivation of its employees on the inside, and shares its culture with candidates on the

outside. » said Pierre HUMBERT, CEO Deputy of the Group MCA.

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