[ FOCUS ] Olivier, Senior Business Unit Manager at MCA BENELUX

Today on the blog, we introduce you to Olivier, Senior Business Unit Manager at MCA BENELUX, in Antwerp. Discover his career path now !

1/ Hello Olivier, can you present yourself in a few words ?

Hello, I am born and raised near Antwerp. I studied in Leuven and Antwerp focusing on economics.

In my spare time I play football once a week and try to hang out on regular basis with friends and family.

Travelling is something I love, my last trip was towards Croatia.

2/ You started your career in MCA BENELUX in 2015. Can you do for us an overview of the path you had at MCA ?

In January 2015 I started at MCA indeed. Working in Brussels in a mainly French speaking environment targeting the Dutch speaking market seemed very interesting.

We basically started from scratch and over the years we were able to start working with new interesting companies in Flanders and Brussels region.

At the end of 2017 we had the opportunity to create a new MCA-office in Antwerp! Perfect moment to reinforce the team on recruitment and commercial team.

After one year we are more than satisfied of the realized work of the team and we are even looking for additional reinforcement.

3/ What convinced you to join MCA in the first place ?

Reason why I chose for MCA in January 2015 after graduation is the variation of the job and the enthusiasm of the people I spoke with during interviews.

During these interviews I noticed that there was a casual atmosphere and a lot of young people, which is of course a plus as young starter.

Also the fact to continue working in French in Brussels and to speak Dutch with clients and consultants was a big plus.

4/ Why going from Brussels to Antwerp? Is it for you a logical continuation of your career at MCA ?

The choice of moving towards Antwerp is mainly based on 2 criteria.

Business-wise Antwerp has a big potential, especially with its Port. We noticed the importance of proximity with our clients and consultants.

Secondly for me personally it was an opportunity to work closer to home.

5/ You are now Senior Business Unit Manager : could you tell us more about your role ? A typical day at the office ?

In the beginning I had to focus on targeting new clients and finding a good match for their needs.

Today we have a solid partnership with some big players in the industry and the challenge now is maintaining this position in the coming years in order to be able to offer our consultants a larger variety of projects.

Also we plan on hiring additional business managers so coaching will become a bigger part of the job.

Typically I have a good mix of being in touch with clients ; interviewing candidates ; follow-up of current projects of consultants ; follow-up of sales and recruitment team in Antwerp.

6/ What do you prefer about living in Antwerp ?

The architecture. The cathedral and The Central Station are probably the best examples of this, a must see for every tourist.

I also like the variety in background of the inhabitants. It’s always cool to learn about the difference in habits between cultures.

7/ Why would you advice MCA at any potential new consultants ?

Of course we have partnerships with companies within multiple industries and we can offer different kind of projects to our consultants.

This variety is important if you want to keep challenging yourself as a consultant and exploring new things.

Besides this we try to organize a regular follow-up of our consultants and being as responsive as possible.

8/ Last but not least, one fun fact about you ?

I’m addicted to chips. It’s horrible, once I open a bag there is a good possibility that I’ll finish it straight away !

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