[ FOCUS ] Maximilien, Business Manager at MCA BENELUX

On the blog today we introduce you to Maximilien, Business Manager for the Business Unit Energy at MCA BENELUX. Let's meet him together !

1/ Hello Maximilien, how are you? Thanks for participating to this interview. Could you present yourself quickly?

Hey Victoria! I’m fine, thank you very much, it’s my pleasure to participate to this interview. In two words, I’m a business Engineer graduated two years ago from the LSM (Louvain School of Management, Belgium) and I’m a big fan of rugby, sport that I practiced during years, but now, I climb regularly, which is a, let’s say, “softer” sport 😉

2/ Why deciding to pursue your career as a Business Manager in Engineering? Why this specific sector?

It was the real path I wanted to follow regarding my studies: making the link between the engineering and the business of a company. I always liked the engineering sector, I find the subjects more interesting than psychology, for example.

3/ You are now Business Manager for the Energy Business Unit for MCA BENELUX. Have you heard of MCA before applying? What convinced you to jump on board with MCA rather than another consulting company?

No, I did not. I was convinced mainly by the entrepreneurship mentality of MCA BENELUX: I’m working directly with my clients, I’m developing my own network, I do also have objectives to achieve, but I’m free on a day to day basis to organize myself in order to reach them.

4/ What is a typical day like for you at work? The main challenges you have?

There is no typical day at work, that’s why I like what I do, I never have a day that looks like the previous.

Seriously, most of the time, I always begin to answer my client’s needs and see if all my consultants are going well. After that I move to the site of one of my clients in order to discuss with them about their projects and how we can help them.

At the end of the afternoon, I usually meet candidate to evaluate if they can become consultant at MCA.

The main challenge is the organization. I have to deal between the needs of my clients, the following of my consultants, the meeting between the clients and the consultants, the meeting with future consultant etc. In one word, organization is the key.

5/ If you could describe MCA in 3 words, what would it be?

Challenge, success and improvement.

6/ How do you see yourself in 5 years from now, in term of career and life evolution?

I would like to launch a new subsidiary of MCA, probably in south of Belgium, not far from Luxembourg.

7/ In your opinion, what is good about making business in Belgium?

The best thing, according to me, is the human relation beyond the business. I mean that beyond the business that I make with my clients, I create a human link between them and me. It’s not just business, it’s human.

8/ What are the main qualities you need to have as a Business Manager?

Tenacity, creativity and, last but not least, a good sense of humor!

9/ Last but not least… Any fun fact about you? 😊

I hate cheese… For me, the worst part of the year, regarding meals, is the winter due to the fact that everybody wants to eat “Raclette” and I just… can’t

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